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UNH is dedicated to YOU, the hiker!

 "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."-John Muir 

Do you LOVE a new adventure?

Whether you are just getting started on short day hiking or you have hiked the PCT, AT, CT , etc- you are in the right place! We aim to meet two weekends a month for group hikes in different locations around the Chicagoland and NWI area.

Like-minded adventurous individuals

This is a great group to meet other people like yourself... seasoned or new hikers (or walkers), and gain some serious insight into the great outdoors!!! This group is hike at your own risk... we will hike at different levels. Listen to your body and ONLY participate at a level that is comfortable to you.  Feel free to add your fellow hiking friends! Let's get this party started!

🐼See you on the trail! -Trail Panda  


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